RULES BY THE SOUND (print book)

RULES-by-the-SOUND (2).jpg
RULES-by-the-SOUND (2).jpg

RULES BY THE SOUND (print book)



  • 63 sound-loaded sentences and stories addressing:
    • Pronunciation of all of the consonants, vowels, diphthongs, and
    • R-Influenced vowels
    • Stress and Intonation
    • Phrasing and linking
    • Vocabulary
    • Rate
    • Aspects of American culture
  • Foreign language pronunciation pattern charts
  • Pronunciation charts for various letter combinations
  • NEW: “audio CD program” available separately

The Online Pronunciation Platform  

  • Read rules for pronunciation and watch video of sound production
  • Listen to a native speaker read the stories one sentence at a time and/or the story in its entirety
  • Record yourself reading the same sentence/story
  • Listen and compare samples
  • FREE TRIAL with option to purchase
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