Table of Contents

Medically Speaking RULES print book only



  • Field-tested with residents, physicians, and nurses in various healthcare settings
  • Incorporates vocabulary development activities into many of the units
  • Provides strategies for effective and efficient communication in the workplace
  • Includes rules and word and sentence practice for pronunciation of compound nouns, proper nouns, heteronyms, acronyms and initializations, syllable and sentence stress, numbers, Y-insertions, syllable reductions, past tense endings, -s endings
  • Provides a comprehensive set of sound-loaded clinically oriented reading paragraphs/case histories to reinforce consistent pronunciation of difficult sounds and vowels and intonation patterns
  • Introduces additional idiomatic expressions

ISBN Numbers:
Medically Speaking RULES (no audio) 0-9717038-7-6
Medically Speaking RULES with audio 0-9717038-8-4