RULES ON THE RUN is a color-coded version of the original “Putting It All Together” chart that first appeared in RULES for Using Linguistic Elements of Speech-A Resource and Interactive Workbook (2006).

RULES ON THE RUN is an easy reference tool to increase understanding of the suprasegmentals of American English pronunciation. It summarizes the pronunciation of compound nouns, adjectives + nouns, phrasal verbs, proper nouns, acronyms, initializations, heteronyms, past-tense endings, -s endings, and numbers.

Corresponding exercises for these rules are in the RULES program, including the RULES BY THE SOUND workbook and online pronunciation platform.

Use this handy, portable guide to help reinforce what you are teaching or studying with our ESL RULES materials.

The RULES ON THE RUN charts are appropriate for intermediate level English speakers in middle school, high school, college, and in the workplace.

Which format do you need?

Teacher or Individual Version - A durable color-coded 8 ½” x 11”, 2-sided sheet identifying the rules, patterns, and examples. There is a column to personalize vocabulary. $10/sheet, $7/sheet for 20+ ordered at one time Purchase

ISBN 978-0-9830258-6-3

Classroom Version -A summary sheet on double-sided colored paper with 25 sheets per pad. There is an additional column for students to write down their own personal examples of the rule to make learning more practical and memorable.$15/pad. ($12/pad for 20+ pads ordered at one time)   Purchase

ISBN 978-0-9830258-5-6

Classroom Poster -Two charts are displayed on a 24" x 36" poster for classroom display. The poster reinforces these concepts by providing visual reminders.  $35.00 Purchase

"Those Rules on the Run tablets are fabulous – saving me so much extra work, and adding to my ESL client support.  Love them!

Cheryl Moore Brinkley of B. Vocal