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ESL RULES is your student and teacher/trainer resource for accent modification workshops, customized training, and materials for nonnative English speaking professionals. Our goal is to help individuals in the business/financial, scientific/medical, high technology, religious, academic, and legal fields achieve excellent communication skills to advance professionally and contribute to the success of their organizations.



RULES accent modification and workplace training materials include workbooks, eBooks, audio CDs, downloadable audio files, and an online platform to take pronunciation and speech training to the next level. Our comprehensive and innovative programs designed for intermediate-advanced non-native English speakers, will help you achieve academic and professional excellence, and facilitate career advancement. We also have specialized programs designed for those working in healthcare environments.


Training Workshops

Customized individual and group accent modification training programs and webinars are available. Marjorie Feinstein-Whittaker and Lynda Katz Wilner, certified Speech and Language Pathologists, focus on accent modification and critical workplace communication skills for international professionals.


Video Tutorials on the American Accent

In addition to our comprehensive line of written and audio materials, ESL RULES has brief video tutorials to teach and reinforce some of the critical rules of North American pronunciation to help you learn to use an American accent.


RULES By the Sound Online Platform

The RULES online Platform helps teachers and students have a more streamlined experience.

ESL Rules

RULES Questions PDF and MP3 package for only $10