You Say Either, and I Say.......

Yes, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers sang and danced about different, but acceptable alternative pronunciations (in roller skates, no less!) in the classic film, "Shall We Dance." 

If you are struggling to find the perfect way to say a word, you may be relieved to know that there are often a few acceptable options. Sometimes, it depends on what region you live in. 

Regional dialects may have different pronunciations, and even different word choices. For example, do we drink soda or pop, eat heroes, subs, or hoagies? 

Our first suggestion is to listen to how people say it in your region. For example, we may hear various pronunciations or stress patterns for "New Orleans,"  or "Oregon." Some say "New ORleans" and others say "New OrLEANS" or "ORegin" vs. "OreGone." 

Names of cities often have pronunciations that do not always follow the phonetic rules. "Taneytown" is pronounced "Tawneytown" and "Staunton" is pronounced "Stanton." If you are in the Massachusetts area, you would be challenged by many cities such as "Barnstable" pronounced as "Barnstuhbul" or "Worcester" pronounced as "Wooster." 

There is no right or wrong. Different regions have their own pronunciation for places and names. Check out our Boston RULES to learn how you can address some word choices and pronunciations of the New England Area.