Reading Aloud to Improve Your Accent


We understand that it is very difficult to squeeze independent accent modification homework into an already hectic day. One of the best and easiest ways to reinforce what you have learned during the week is just to read out loud as many times per day as possible.

Think of all of the reading materials you come in contact with on a daily basis. Take a few moments to read the first few sentences aloud, making sure to accurately produce a target sound, use appropriate word or sentence level stress, practice voice projection, or reinforce any of your new speech and communication goals.

Here are at least 36 reminders (yes, 36) of what you are exposed to daily to heighten your awareness:

At work:
1. E-mails
2. Business cards
3. Technical manuals
4. Faxes
5. Reports
6. Memos
7. Documents
8. LinkedIn postings
9. Websites

At school:
1. Bulletin boards/announcements
2. Whiteboards/blackboards
3. Dictionaries
4. Blogs
5. Textbooks
6. Assignments
7. E-mails

On the road:
1. Highway signs
2. Street signs
3. Construction/traffic warnings
4. Bus/train schedules
5. Storefront signs
6. Billboards
7. Menus

At home:
1. Novels
2. Newspapers
3. Magazines
4. Advertisements
5. Recipes/cookbooks
6. Carry-out menus
7. Catalogues
8. Children’s books (read-alouds)
9. Cards and letters
10. E-mails
11. Facebook updates
12. Coupons/circulars
13. Calendars

Make a point to read as much as you can out loud every day! You will make a significant dent in your practice time!

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