New Year’s Resolution: Take Control of Paperwork!

It’s that time of year again: If you’re like me, you’ve thrown out and/or donated bags and bags of unused and unwanted items accumulated over the past year. And that doesn’t include the piles of paperwork that we amass for our clients. As corporate trainers, we are not under the same legal obligations to hold onto reports as we are in other clinical settings. However, we still need to keep track of what if going on with our clients with regard to payments, attendance and other details.

I have found it helpful to use a simple checklist that I staple to the inside cover of each client’s folder, so that I can keep track of things and not trust my memory (overtaxed at this time of year in particular!)

The things I need to know are:

  1. Dates of training and time remaining in hours
  2. When the evaluation summary was sent or emailed to the client
  3. Materials disseminated to the client (as specific as possible)
  4. Payments received (check #, date, amount). This is particularly important for clients on an installment plan
  5. Sessions cancelled (with 24-hrs notice there are no consequences; without it I need a note that the session has been forfeited)
  6. Time/date of next session
  7. Comments related to performance, future training issues, follow-through with resources and/or referrals, etc.

Since we use the RULES program as our primary training vehicle, I’ve also found it handy to put a copy of the table of contents into the folder and simply check-off which units have been covered. Lynda and I have developed an organizer for using the information above and the RULES program.

Lynda Katz Wilner and Marjorie Feinstein-Whittaker formed ESL RULES, LLC in 2006. Through this joint business venture they provide workshops and produce and distribute their unique training materials for accent modification and communication training. Their line of products address critical and frequently confused English grammatical, semantic, and syntactic rules of speech and pronunciation for nonnative English speakers in the financial/business, scientific/medical, information technology, hospitality, and religious/spiritual settings. 

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