How to Find the Right Speech and Communication Trainer

There are many considerations for selecting a variety of consultants with whom we choose to work. Accent modification training is a process that requires a good relationship between the trainer and client in order to achieve optimal results. Here are some considerations when making this important commitment of both your time and financial resources: 1.  Accessibility: Look for someone who is in your general geographic location, is willing to travel to your place of employment, or whom you can access via web-conferencing, Skype, or other long-distance training options.

2.  Flexibility: Not every approach works for every person. Look for a trainer who is familiar with a broad spectrum of teaching tools and techniques. You want someone who can customize a program according to your individual needs, learning preferences, etc.

3.  Experience: Accent modification and communication training is a specialized niche. Look for someone who has experience working with a wide variety of clients from  different cultural and language backgrounds, various levels within an organization, and professional fields such as medicine, business, information technology, engineering, scientific fields, the clergy, etc.

4.  Qualifications: Does your trainer have specialized credentials? Some trainers may have a background in speech-language pathology, and have taken advanced courses in accent modification. You should feel confident in his/her ability to effect change. Solicit word of mouth recommendations from colleagues and friends, read testimonials, and check references.

5.  Personality:  Do you feel comfortable with this person? You will be asked to expose some vulnerabilities - does your potential trainer appear understanding, supportive, good-humored, professional? Make sure that you are a good fit as you will be spending several months in each other’s company!

It is best to either have a telephone call or meeting with a potential trainer before committing to a training program. At that time you can discuss logistics, fees, etc. Feel free to contact with any additional questions.